About Us

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CedarTrack Consulting was established to bring the vast accounting and financial capabilities of large companies to small and mid-sized businesses at cost-effective pricing.

CedarTrack’s founders have decades of Accounting, Finance and IT experience at companies ranging from mid-sized private equity-backed firms to Fortune 500 companies so we understand the meaningful impact good financial data and analytics can have on a business and what is possible.

Larger organizations have both the deep internal resources to properly analyze data and the technology solutions to provide visibility to their businesses. Most small and mid-sized businesses don’t have the internal resources to adequately support the accounting and financial analysis needs of the organization. Even if funds are available for staff, it can prove difficult to hire the right skillset into a smaller organization. CedarTrack fills that gap by staffing the necessary skillsets and leveraging those resources across multiple clients.

CedarTrack works with clients to develop tools that allow businesses to have ready access to meaningful, actionable data. Much of what is considered “financial analysis” is really just extracting information from different systems, manipulating it into a usable format, and distributing it. CedarTrack has successfully automated this process using data from multiple, disparate systems. Leveraging this data CedarTrack has implemented functional review cycles for management to stay on top of their businesses and hold leadership accountable.

Private Equity firms have a unique challenge when acquiring private companies. Many of these companies have not been subject to annual audits, lack what would be considered acceptable monthly reporting for ownership/lenders, don’t have real-time analytics if any analytics at all, and don’t have a formal budgeting/forecasting process. CedarTrack has successfully set up the processes and tools for newly acquired companies and in some cases has taken over the entire accounting/finance function.

CedarTrack can set up your company for success and help maintain it.

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