Moving your Accounting to the Cloud is the Smart Move

Six Important Reasons Why you should Outsource your Accounting and Bookkeeping
August 8, 2017

If you’ve been in business for a while, you’re probably running your accounting and other business processes off a local server based package. While this can work, it can also cause some headaches; the applications can be inflexible and can quickly become outdated. Cloud solutions have become the superior alternative in recent years regardless of the size and complexity of your business. So, what are the main reasons you should switch your accounting to a cloud solution?


Your local based application is at risk of viruses, security breaches, and hardware failure; any of which can be devastating to a business. Modern cloud-based accounting applications are extremely secure. These systems reside on multiple servers behind secure firewalls with data backups and redundancy, ensuring your business information is always safe, private, and secure.

Automated Updates

A cloud-based system is constantly updated and improved. Additional hardware requirements are handled by the service provider, so you don’t have to use internal resources to stay up-to-date. Upgrading an existing local based system can require hardware upgrades, new licenses and either time or consulting expenses to perform the upgrade. Our cloud-based accounting services in Roswell, GA eliminates these needs and performs the updates for you automatically.


Internal systems don’t always have the capability to integrate your complex needs, but a significant number of integrations are available with cloud accounting packages. Whether it’s a POS system, advanced inventory, payroll or another application, a reliable and effective integration exists for these packages. Integrating these applications is the current day solution to your business needs.


Internal systems lack the efficiency cloud based systems provide. Modern cloud-based systems have innovative automation tools and integrations with other applications that eliminate the need for a lot of time-consuming data entry required on a daily basis. Moving your accounting system to the cloud is the most efficient option available today for running these systems.


Rather than being restrained to the confines of your office, you can access your cloud based system from any computer anywhere with an internet connection. Making it even more accessible and convenient, many applications can also be used with a smartphone or tablet. This offers more flexibility on where and when you do your work and opens up the opportunity to outsource more back office aspects of your business. Since the work doesn’t need to be conducted at the office, it can easily be completed off hours and remotely.


A cloud solution is much more affordable in the long run. While this solution represents a monthly expense, the cost provides consistent uptime, support, and storage. This monthly service saves you enormous amounts of time and resources and is more cost-efficient than running these systems in-house.

With the current proliferation of high-speed internet access and the advancements in cloud accounting and business support applications, it now makes more sense than ever to move your business to the cloud. Every business should capitalize on the modern technological advances developed specifically to improve business operations.

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