Outsource part or all your accounting to us. From clerical to CFO level, CedarTrack has the resources to handle all your accounting needs and let you comfortably focus on your business. CedarTrack leverages work across multiple clients so you will have the appropriate level professional focused on each aspect of the work and not a “jack of all trades” who cannot realistically be an efficient master of every area.

Financial Analysis

From automated dashboards to ad hoc analysis, CedarTrack can handle all your financial analysis needs. We can work with you to define the information that can drive results in your business and then automate it, so you have ready access to the data.

Acquisition Onboarding

Remove the manual work that generates a subpar result with your newly acquired portfolio company. CedarTrack can implement automated reporting packages, covenant compliance certs/bank reporting, and analytical tools so you get the timely visibility you expect from your acquisition. Reporting can be tailored to your standard format or we can help you develop the standard. We can help with purchase accounting, coordinating valuation work and other onboarding tasks as needed.

Process Implementation

CedarTrack can help define, build and implement budgeting, forecasting, and operational review processes to set expectations for your business and make sure it stays on track.

Acquisition Assessment

CedarTrack can perform assessments on internal systems and human capabilities as it relates to accounting and finance of the target organization.


CedarTrack can assess IT options or, through its global network, coordinate the development of custom solutions. We focus on cost-effective solutions to get the largest impact for the least cost. This can involve in-house or cloud-based systems.